Logo and Branding design, stationery design, Website design
Project Brief: Project Brief: Kiskeya is a very unique type of art gallery in Cadiz, Spain. They mainly showcase upcoming and talented artists from Haiti and Dominican Republic. The paintings on exhibitions are always colourful and full of life

Project Details

Kiskeya is an art gallery that has been around for some time. They needed rebranding and a website to showcase the paintings in the gallery.

Challenges & Solutions

The client wanted to transmit the colourful and vibrant spirits of the artists and paintings through the branding and website. This was the first time they were making a website so they also needed guidance on how to write the content and also organizing and categorizing the paintings. I tried my best to guide them through a user-friendly process and we were able to create a fantastic online art gallery to advertise and market the paintings.


Custom made websites


Logos, Corporate identity, Stationery


Illustration, Icon set, Prints, Packaging