Chocolate Maniac

Logo and Branding design, Packaging and stationery design
Project Brief: Chocolate Maniac is a new and upcoming handmade gourmet chocolate brand based in India. They approached me to design their logo, visual identity and stationery items such as business card, packaging, publicity materials and social media designs

Project Details

Chocolate Maniac approached me to create a impactful and memorable branding for their handmade chocolate brand. They are a small company and wanted to create a branding which was playful, romantic, sweet, cute and appeals to a large spectrum of clients. Their clients are mostly women between 20-50, young couples kids and also some corporate companies. They mainly make chocolates for memorable occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, festivals etc.

Challenges & Solutions

The brand did not have any visual identity yet, so I designed the logo, business card etc. To reflect their product, chocolate, I chose to work mostly with a variation of chocolate colors and also chose some lighter color to freshen up the palette and to give it a more playful mood. The fonts have a handwritten style thus conveying the aspect. The overall target was to keep a balance between exclusivity and availability so as to appear gourmet and handmade.


Custom made websites


Logos, Corporate identity, Stationery


Illustration, Icon set, Prints, Packaging