Miguel Ormaetxea

Website development, redesign of old website.
Project Brief: Miguel Ormaetxea is a veteran Spanish journalist with an illustrious career. He approached me to redesign his website which was pretty old for a new modern and minimalistic design.

Project Details

The old website was in a poor state and the information was not well organised. There were significant errors all over the website and it clearly needed a much needed TLC. I was approached to update the website and redesign the pages.

Challenges & Solutions

Given the website is of a journalist who published a lot of articles; the first and most important task was to organise the articles in a clear and user friendly taxonomy. For this I had to develop a better system than which was in place. The next task was to organise the pages and information in a clearer system and to make it visually attractive.


Custom made websites


Logos, Corporate identity, Stationery


Illustration, Icon set, Prints, Packaging